A library system that's beautifully simple ...

... with a lot going on underneath


Elegant Simplicity

The first thing you notice about Access-It Library is its ease of use. It’s seamless and intuitive, with the built-in intelligence to interpret misspellings, partial words and phonetics. Then, like an endlessly patient librarian, it offers up a range of results tailored to each student’s needs.

Encouraging growth

  • Learning not searching
  • Saves time, lessens distractions & frustrations
  • Provides search results across a range of media
  • Everything side-by-side, all in one place
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Tapping multiple sources

  • Connect anytime from anywhere
  • Students can use their PCs, smartphones or tablets
  • Search books, ebooks, PDFs & other electronic documents, podcasts, websites, online digital content, subscriptions, video, audio, archives & more

Deeply integrated

  • Complete library management system
  • Futureproof
  • Seamlessly integrates your existing data, subscriptions & information systems
  • Easy to add new resources
  • Adapts & acquires new information automatically
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Pick the best

  • One of Australasia’s most popular library systems
  • Deploy on your local network or in the cloud for reduced resources
  • Setup team makes installation easy
  • Excellent ongoing support with dedicated helpdesk for your IT team
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The only way to really understand what a difference Access-It Library can make to your school is to see it in action. Book a free online demonstration.